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The essential baby and toddler food solution

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As the owner and founder of Organic Keedz, I started my career as an oral hygienist. When I had my first baby girl, Katryn, I felt a great need to spend more time with her – four months just wasn’t enough. That being so, I decided to take a break from teeth.

It was in this special time that I realised that I’m a total foodie.

Katryn loves to eat, but only if it’s yummy! So, I spent a lot of time researching and cooking new recipes to meet Katryn’s high culinary standards. This was when I found my calling; making healthy, affordable and tasty baby food varieties that could help moms like me!

The baby food expanded to toddler meals when it was time to transition Katryn to toddler food. I now have another baby girl named Lisa, and on her solids journey I started noticing products that needed to be changed and improved. This meant further betterment and expansion of our existing products.

We’re humbled by the fact that so many babies love our food. We started in a small kitchen in 2020 and have since built our own industrial kitchen overlooking a lovely garden on a small holding in Centurion. An off grid solar system ensures that we’re always up and running and doing our part in being more eco friendly. Our toddler food containers are biodegradable, and we’re constantly looking for more eco-friendly packaging solutions for our products. The water that we use in the kitchen is treated with efficient microbes and reused in our onsite organic vegetable garden.

Organic Keedz specialises in baby and toddler foods that are mostly organic. We support local vendors that farm organically on a small scale. Our foods are free from gluten, dairy, egg, pork, preservatives, sugar, and hormones. We source beef and lamb from our own beautiful farm in Limpopo. Our animals are free from hormones and routine antibiotics and are grass-fed and roam free.

We do regular tastings and quality checks in the kitchen to make sure that everything we make is oh-so-yummy and up to standard.

At Organic Keedz, we make sure that we have a variety of flavours and textures so that we can cater for every step in a baby’s weaning process. Our toddler meals are tried and tested on our own kids (and those of friends!). We’ve even created a range of deliciously fruity popsicles. Some flavours even contain hidden veggies!

We know that cellular development is more rapid in babies than adults. The saying “you are what you eat” applies especially to babies. Evidence has shown that malnutrition and the deficiency of certain nutrients can lead to poor brain development and a compromised body and immune system. In addition, a healthy diet can improve certain behavioural problems.

Babies and toddlers need small but adequate amounts of food to provide them with their daily  nutritional requirements. That’s why we believe that every morsel must be filled with the best and healthiest ingredients. We know that it’s nearly impossible to feed your toddler sometimes, but when they do eat something other than air, it should be as nutrient-packed as possible!

We strive to make our little customers’ solids journey as easy and stress-free as possible!

We have a logistics system in place so that we can deliver to most doorsteps in South Africa – effortlessly. We also have a pickup point for the little neighbours and hard-working moms that pass by our kitchen en-route to school and the office .

If you’re looking for the tastiest baby food in SA you’ve come to the right place!

Effortless, healthy and fun!“Feed your baby the way nature intended” Organic Keedz

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