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Organic Keedz

We have an extreme passion for health and well-being! Some call us crazy positive, others call us plain crazy! We believe in a solid foundation when starting solids with babies. Accompany this with a positive eating experience and you have a successful start to a baby’s feeding journey. 

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Our Story

Organic Keedz is the brainchild of a veg-crazed mom that wants to give her baby the best nutrition possible. We love cooking for babies, and even more so, seeing them enjoy our food! Starting solids with your baby is a big, big thing. Both exciting and daunting. We know that every mom cares about the stuff that goes into baby’s tummy. At Organic Keedz, we do our utmost best to source organic produce, but sometimes it’s just not in season or available. We then opt for the next best thing: fresh, sustainably grown produce. We sport our very own organic vegetable garden that slaves itself to provide for our kitchen. Imagine seeing seeds to plants, directly to our tubs and into your baby’s stomach! That’s pure homegrown goodness!We will, however always state if something is not organic.

Our goal:

To encourage kids to enjoy real food and set the foundation for a healthy diet throughout their lives.  We believe in growth at a cellular level, good quality nutrition equals good growth and health- you are what you eat. 

“We need to encourage our kids to love to eat real food – honest, nutritious, healthy food. Less fast food. Less junk food. And they need to see us eating healthy by example.” – Karen Salmansohn