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6-9 Months

At this stage you can start to introduce more textures for baby to try. Your baby might even start to chew. These purees are made to be more coarse than the previous stage of purees. You might also start to introduce proteins like chicken to add more iron to your babies diet.

9+ Months

Time for change! By now your baby can eat grains and a wider variety of proteins like beef and eggs. Baby will enjoy eating soft finger foods. It is important to remember that babies also need to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables on a day to get all of the essential nutrients they need.

Organic Keedz- Coconut, Pumkin & Red Lentil Curry

Toddler Big Bites

The newest addition to our range! Our Big Bites toddler meals focus on healthy ingredients whilst keeping allergies and food aversions in mind. Basically put, we try to keep everyone in mind! With that said, we also try to cater for mother nature by packing our meals in biodegradable, compostable containers! We generally focus on sneaking in vegetables anywhere we can, but shhhh, don’t tell your kid!