A definite must for babies’ first taste, our apple puree is extremely smooth with a tart sweetness. Great for tiny tummies!



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Introducing our delightful apple puree made from the freshest apples, meticulously crafted to provide a nourishing meal for your little one. We believe in the power of using fresh ingredients, which is why we’ve selected only the finest apples to create this wholesome puree.

Our ingredient list is refreshingly simple – just fresh apples. We value the purity of our product, but feel free to adjust the consistency by adding a small amount of milk or water, catering to your baby’s preferences.

When it comes to freshness, our puree is a winner. It stays fresh for up to three months when stored in the freezer. To serve, simply thaw the puree and heat it minimally in the microwave or serve it at room temperature. Remember to always check the food temperature to ensure it is suitable for your baby’s delicate palate.

Once opened, it is recommended to refrigerate the puree and consume it within two days. We prioritize freshness and recommend using it within this timeframe to provide the best experience for your little one.

As your baby progresses in their culinary journey, you can introduce a variety of flavors by combining different purees. Once your baby has accepted a particular vegetable or fruit puree multiple times, feel free to experiment with new combinations and create exciting taste sensations for their developing taste buds. Try adding this to your baby or toddler’s breakfast, eg. Oats.

To prioritize the safety of your baby, our purees are packed in BPA-free tubs. We understand the importance of using safe packaging when it comes to your little one’s well-being.

To cater to your specific needs, our apple puree is available in two convenient sizes: 65ml and 90ml. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can easily provide a nutritious and delicious meal for your baby.

Trust us to deliver a high-quality, apple puree made with the freshest ingredients. We are committed to promoting your baby’s health and happiness through our thoughtfully crafted purees.

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