Bone Broth Elixer


It seems that the magic of bone broth has been kept under the rug by clever forefathers for ages. We are bringing it to you in easy to use cubes!

Made from free range chicken


10x18ml cubes



Our Pure Bone Broth Elixer is made from free range chicken bones that’s been slow-cooked for 14 hours. It is versatile and can be added to anything from soup, our meals or our bulk pack cubes. You can even serve it as a drink ons it’s own to your baby. This helps them to enjoy beverages that’s not necessarily sweet, like formula and breast milk. It can be very useful to help get extra nutrients into babies, toddler or individuals without them realising that it’s added to their meal. This is due to the great mild flavour of the chicken bone broth.

Slow-cooking the bones and ligaments releases healing nutrients like collagen, glycine, proline and glutamine which are all very beneficial for gut-health! They soothe, seal, heal and repair the gut wall, making it great for anyone with digestive issues and babies who’s delicate digestive system is still developing.

Bone broths contain minerals in forms that your body can easily absorb, this includes calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and many more! It also helps to boost immunity, and assists with the growth of probiotics in the gut. It’s great for strengthening growing bones and teeth, reduces inflammation and supports good digestion.

Bone broth can especially help if you have is called a “leaky gut”. It is a fairly gelatinous substance that can help in sealing up the tiny holes that from in the gut which then leads to “leaky gut”.

Bone Broth is suitable for everyone. There exists no health concerns associated with adding bone broth into your baby/toddler’s diet. It can be given from about 6 months, or when your baby starts solids. Bone broth can actually help keep your child out of the doctor’s office.  If you are not currently using bone broth in your diet, we encourage you give it a try and see for yourself how it affects your day to day health.

So go ahead, try it!

Ingredients: Chicken Bones, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water