Chicken Bone Broth Stew


Our Chicken Bone Broth Stew is a perfect balanced meal for baby, with the benefits of bone broth elixer.



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Introducing our wholesome and nutritious Free Range Chicken Bone Broth Stew, a perfect choice for your baby’s starting solids journey. Made with tender free-range chicken, nourishing chicken bone broth, white quinoa, and organic butternut, this puree provides a delicious and balanced meal option.

Key Ingredients:

Our Free Range Chicken and Butternut Puree is carefully crafted with quality ingredients to offer the best for your baby. Here are the key components of our recipe:

  • Free Range Chicken: Sourced from ethically raised chickens, our tender chicken provides essential protein for your baby’s growth.
  • Chicken Bone Broth: We use chicken bone broth to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of our puree, providing valuable nutrients and aiding digestion.
  • White Quinoa: Adding a nutritious touch, white quinoa is a wholesome grain that contributes to a well-rounded meal.
  • Organic Butternut: Our puree includes organic butternut, which adds natural sweetness and vital vitamins to support your baby’s health.

Customizable Consistency:

To suit your baby’s preferences, feel free to add milk or water to adjust the puree’s consistency. This ensures a pleasant eating experience as they explore new flavours and textures.

Storage and Serving:

Our puree is fresh for up to three months when frozen. To serve, simply thaw and microwave minimally or serve at room temperature. Always check that the food temperature is suitable for your baby before feeding.


For freshness, refrigerate and use the product within two days after opening. This ensures the best quality and taste for your baby.

Flavour Combination:

Once your baby has accepted one veggie or fruit puree for a few times, you can start combining flavours to introduce a variety of tastes and nutrients.


We prioritize your baby’s safety, which is why our puree is packaged in BPA-free tubs. This ensures a secure and safe mealtime experience.

Gluten and Dairy Free:

Our Free Range Chicken Bone Broth Stew is free from gluten and dairy, making it suitable for babies with specific dietary requirements or allergies.

Allergen Information:

Please note that our puree is made in a kitchen that uses wheat, tree nuts, and eggs. If your baby has any allergies, consult with your healthcare professional before introducing new foods.

Available Sizes:

Our puree is available in 65ml and 90ml tubs, offering convenient portions for your baby’s mealtime needs.

Choose our Free Range Chicken and Butternut Puree for a delightful and nutritious meal option as your baby begins their journey into solid foods. With each spoonful, they’ll enjoy the rich flavors and receive essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.

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