Chocolate Banana Pudding


A healthy yummyness with banana, avocado and a touch of pure cocao!

Ingredients: Fresh Banana & Avocado, Pure Cocao


A blend of banana, avocado and pure cacoa. The perfect choice for baby’s first encounter with chocolate flavours!

The cocoa contains magnesium and catechins wich helps protect babys skin from the sun, while magnesium helps to to promote blood flow and even regulate insulin levels.

Curvy bananas contain an array of health-improving components like antioxidants, potassium and fiber to keep baby regular!

We all know what a powerful healthfood avocado is, boasting high levels of Omega 3 and various vitamins & minerals!

NOTE: Texture & consistency may vary due to season changes.

Feel free to add milk or water to adjust consistency.

Fresh for three months if frozen, just thaw and microwave minimally or serve room temperature.

Always check that the food temperature is acceptable for baby.

Refrigerate and use within 2 days after opening.

Expiry date on packaging.

Combine flavours for your baby after he/she accepted one veggie of fruit puree for a few times.

Packaged in BPA-free tubs.

Available in 65ml.