Month Pack INTERMEDIATE 90ml Tubs


Spend more time with your sweet baby. Save time on chopping and cooking. This pack consists of 81 tubs filled to the brim with nutritious food.

81 x 90ml tubs


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Introducing our convenient Month Pack INTERMEDIATE 90 ml Tubs – designed to make your life easier and ensure your baby is enjoying healthy, age-appropriate meals. We understand the importance of providing nutritious food for your little one, and our pack is carefully curated to meet their developmental needs.

Say goodbye to the hassle of chopping and preparing food at every mealtime. Our pack comes frozen and ready-to-eat, with each meal thoughtfully packed in 65ml BPA-Free tubs. You can simply thaw and serve the meals, saving you precious time and effort in the kitchen.

This pack is free from dairy, gluten, egg, pork, nuts, added sugar, salt and preservatives. These baby food tubs can be stored in the freezer for up to 4 months.

Rest assured, our meals are specially tailored for babies aged 8 months and above, guaranteeing they receive the right nutrients and flavors to support their growth and development. We prioritize using wholesome, healthy ingredients to create balanced and delicious meals that your baby will love.

With our Month Pack, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is getting the best in nutrition, while also enjoying a variety of tastes and textures.

PLEASE NOTE: These meals are manufactured in a kitchen that handles egg, dairy, wheat, nuts, soy and sesame.

Trust us to provide a high-quality and convenient solution for your baby’s meal needs. We are committed to making parenting easier and more enjoyable, one nutritious meal at a time.

The Month Pack 9 Months+ consists of 93 tubs:

3x 90ml Apple

3x 90ml Pear

3x 90ml Butternut

3x 90ml Sweet Potato

3x 90ml Carrot

3x 90ml Spinach & Green Apple

3x 90ml Minty Green Beans & Pear

3x 90ml Broccoli & Nutritional Yeast Mash

3x 90ml Beetroot & Sweet Potato

3x 90ml Pea & Carrot

3x 90ml Coconut Lentil Soup

3x 90ml Berry Chia Pudding

3 x 90ml Apple, Berries & Chia

3x 90ml Chocolate Banana Pudding

3x 90ml Strawberry Banana Pudding

4x 90ml Oats, Apple & Pea Protein

4x 90ml Coconana Oats & Hemp Protein

2x 90ml Millet, Blackberry & Banana

3x 90ml Peekaboo Veggies: Green

3x 90ml Peekaboo Veggies: Orange

3x 90ml Peekaboo Veggies: Purple

3x 90ml Pumpkin & Red Lentil Curry

3x 90ml Rosemary Chicken

3x 90ml Chicken, Carrot & Prunes

3x 90ml Chicken Bone Broth Stew

3x 90ml Beef & Tomato Bolognaise

3x 90ml Beef & Potato Stew

3x 90ml Lamb & Quinoa

2x 90ml Liver, Tomato & Butternut

2x 90ml Liver, CinaApple & Sweet Potato

2x 90ml Hake, Coconut & Sweet Potato

3x 90ml Veggie Loaded Cottage Pie

Vegetables and fruit can be swopped out. Please add a clear order note.

Pair these yummy options with our Baby Led Weaning Range for a full mealtime experience.