Pea & Carrot


These two go together like, well, Peas and Carrots! Inspired by Forest Gump with his quirky sayings. Not only pretty to look at but also pretty nutritious.TEXTURED

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Delight your little one with the freshness of pureed pea & carrot carefully crafted to create a nutritious meal. We prioritize using the freshest carrots, peas, and pear to ensure the highest quality in every spoonful.

Our ingredient list is refreshingly simple, consisting of carrots, peas, and pear. We believe in preserving the natural goodness of these vegetables and adding a touch of sweetness with pear. To suit your baby’s preferences, feel free to adjust the consistency by adding a small amount of milk or water.

When it comes to freshness, our puree is exceptional. It remains fresh for up to three months when stored in the freezer. To serve, simply thaw the puree and gently warm it, either by briefly microwaving it or serving it at room temperature. Always check the food temperature to ensure it is suitable for your baby’s delicate palate.

After opening, we recommend refrigerating the puree and consuming it within two days. We prioritize freshness and encourage you to savor the flavors within this timeframe, providing the best possible experience for your little one.

As your baby explores new flavors, consider combining different purees to create exciting taste combinations. Once your baby has accepted a particular vegetable or fruit puree multiple times, feel free to experiment and introduce new flavors, expanding their palate and encouraging a diverse range of tastes.

To prioritize your baby’s safety, our purees are thoughtfully packed in BPA-free tubs. We understand the importance of using safe packaging when it comes to your little one’s well-being.

Our pea & carrot puree is available in two convenient sizes: 65ml and 90ml. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can effortlessly provide a nutritious and delicious meal for your baby.

Trust us to deliver a high-quality puree made from the freshest carrots, peas, and pear. We are committed to promoting your baby’s health and happiness through our carefully crafted purees, ensuring a delightful culinary experience filled with nourishment and joy.

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