Variety Pack SMOOTH 65ml Tubs – Subscription

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Save on our subscription service! Discover a world of flavours with our baby-friendly variety pack, blending delightful fruits and veggies for a joyful feeding experience.

*Delivery takes place in the 1st week of every month*


16 Tubs


Tailored for tiny taste buds aged 6 months and beyond, our Variety Pack SMOOTH 65ml Tubs introduces a symphony of smooth and balanced purees, each crafted with love and free of sugar, salt, and preservatives. It’s a delectable exploration into a diverse array of flavors, designed to captivate your baby’s developing palate.

What sets Organic Keedz apart is not just the deliciousness of our purees; it’s the commitment to a safe and nourishing journey. Our variety pack proudly stands as a meat, egg, dairy, and soy-free option, providing an extra layer of care for your little gourmet.

Feeling uncertain about where to begin? Consider this pack your exclusive passport to deciphering your baby’s taste preferences. As you navigate through this delightful assortment, future orders become a seamless experience. We’ve curated this culinary voyage with precision, ensuring that every spoonful contributes to your baby’s healthy growth and introduces them to the wonders of wholesome, organic goodness.

In a world where every bite matters, let Organic Keedz be your trusted companion, supporting your baby’s journey to a lifetime of love for nutritious, flavorful food. Elevate their taste adventure with the Variety Pack SMOOTH 65ml Tubs – because every baby deserves a palate full of joy and nourishment.

Frozen and packed in 65ml BPA-Free tubs.

This Variety Pack SMOOTH 65ml Tubs consists of 16 tubs:

1x Apple

1x Pear

1x Butternut

1x Sweet Potato

1x Carrot

1x Spinach & Green Apple

1x Beetroot & Sweet Potato

1x Pea & Carrot

1x Prunes

1x Coconut Lentil Soup

1x Apples, Berries & Chia

1x Chocolate Banana Pudding

1x Strawberry Banana Pudding

1x Peekaboo Veggies Orange

1x Peekaboo Veggies Green

1x Peekaboo Veggies Purple

Pair the purees with our baby led weaning range for a complete sensory experience!